Welcome to Sanluprecision Technology Co., LTD .

Founded in 1993, localed in Dalingshan Town ,Dongguan City, Guangdong Province ,China , Shanlu Precision Technology Co., Ltd is a modern contract manufacturing company specializing in precision cnc machining 、 die casting 、stamping and robot welding according to customer’s drawings files plus various surface treatments (harden, galvanic-chemical-KTL coatings…) for the components it manufactures through long-term cooperation with partners .

Sanluprecision has been on the market for 28 years already with 16000 square meters production base , more than 360 employees , characterized by non-standard custom production of large-batch、small-batch parts machining of all types of available materials(metal and non-metal).

Through so many years of development , we gradually have accumulated rich experience and knowledge from various even demanding requirements of customers ,and we have worked our way up to top 、 extensive machinery and professional employees who form the basis of our company.

We have cnc turning machines 、milling machines、 3, 4,5-axis machining centers、 turning and milling composite machining centers 、grinding machines (surface grinding 、circular  grinding 、inner diameter grinding 、od grinding、simultaneous grinding of inner and outer diameters and end faces..) … from Japan and Germany and five 200T die-casting machines 、 five 100T die-casting machines、two 88T die-casting machines、 ten forging presses 、 several welding robots made in China . Alse some testing decives like three-dimensional measuring 、microscope、projector、 , altimeter、hardness tester 、 block gauge、PIN regulation… etc have been purchased by us .

Sanluprecision  has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 … for quality and environmental management system certifications as well as CWB welding certification.
Company products cover machinery、 medicine、electronics、semiconductor、communication equipment、tooling fixtures、 molds、automation special production equipment…etc with maximum tolerance up to 0.002 mm.

The market of products are both at home and aboard like Japan、 United States、Europe and Middle East…
It is our mission to act as a competent, creative partner, boosting our customers’ capacity for innovation and achieving mutual growth by means of a target-oriented approach making full use of our extensive equipment to provide low cost, high quality, and quick delivery.


Fulfilling promises, experience, innovation, satisfying customers, interdependence and making the world have no hard-to-make components are key values of the company. The values bind all employees. We achieve them together with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders from the inner and wider environment, and thereby strengthen our socially responsible behaviour.


Highly trained specialist staff . The most advanced of world , multi-process, machinery pool . On-time delivery . Handshake quality. Tailor-made solutions for complex tasks.


Price determination begins with the transmission of inquiry with demands about required outputs combining raw material and labor costs. After this step we identify and compare the prices of individual inputs and we subsequently create the final price of the contract, based on the most economically advantageous solution, and send back our offer. The most significant price of a piece affects the quantity of the contract. In case of the year-round order or high-volume production we are open to negotiate about providing some price advantage for the entire contract. For sample or express production is possible to set the price only after the production itself. Contractual relationship we perform through issued invoices after successful delivery of parts.