Sanluprecision Technoloy has a long history .
A young couple  started a workshop on a back street  in Shen zhen  ,Guangdong Province ,China  operating 1 manual lathe and 1 milling machine to serve  local small factories and residents .
The couple hired two workers and named the workshop “Sanluprecision” because the husband was born when his mother was  at  her  36 years old.
Sanprecision brought grinding , drilling and welding equipment to satisfy the diverse needs of customers  providing one stop  machining service .
As the business continued to grow,  it expanded the scale to 1500 square. And started 3 -axis CNC machining center OEM service.
Sanprecision horizontally expanded its business scope and added  die casting machines. Started die casting OEM service.
When the demand for stamping parts  increased  due to the rapid development of auto industry in  China ,  the couple  purchased stamping equipment and opened stamping production line .
When the demand for mold parts increased due to the mold industry was booming in China , and Sanprecision added wire cutting business .
With the increase of automobile molds, in order to improve tolenance and cut down the cost of manufacturing mold cavities, double-headed EDM machines were purchased and EDM  processing was started.
Competition in the domestic machining industry became more and more fierce, and profits became narrower. Sanlu began to process German orders from foreign trade companies in China and bought two DMG machine tools   of German  technology  .
2011 .
Purchased the first  two Mazak machines  and started  production of  orders  from Japan .
In order to match, the welding robots were purchased under the new situation .
Procured some new DMG machine tools   of German  technology  in order to cope with increasing orders from Germany.
When the level of CNC machining in China increased and the processing price was low, more Japanese companies sent their orders to us  ,in order to satisfy the Japanese market,  some more  Mazak machine tools   of Japanese  technology were  brought matching the expansion of   Japanese market .
The original founders retired . The new CEO inherited the career of his parents.
2020 . A new  shareholder joined and Sanluprecision Technology Co., LTD moved to Dong guan city from Shenzhen .